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be cursed with/by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe cursed with/by somethingbe cursed with/by somethingMIto be affected by something bad The museum has been cursed by financial problems since it opened. cursed
Examples from the Corpus
be cursed with/by somethingI learned he had the same goofy sense of humor I was cursed with.She loses her wings and dies, leaving him to be cursed by Madge.Instead, he might be cursed with one who would rob him blind and charge him three-times the wages for the privilege.These poor chaps were searching desperately for a project which would not be cursed with the ephemeral vulgarity of their usual tasks.Lydia Glasher writes that the wearer of these diamonds will be cursed by the wrong she did.He is cursed with this evaluative frame of mind.He is cursed with this understanding.
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