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be (deeply/greatly) indebted to somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (deeply/greatly) indebted to somebodybe (deeply/greatly) indebted to somebodyTHANKto be very grateful to someone for the help they have given you We are deeply indebted to Dr Allen. indebted
Examples from the Corpus
be (deeply/greatly) indebted to somebodyMr Berlusconi is indebted to bankers as well as to politicians.In contrast, Pollock's student drawings after El Greco are indebted to Cézanne.I am deeply indebted to Henry Rosemont, who gave a great deal of assistance in the final revisions of the manuscript.The Dark Blues were indebted to Jason Pratt, 21, who was named man of the match.I am indebted to my correspondent Mrs D. M. Ross for this compelling tale.The blood transfusion brought colour to my face and I am deeply indebted to some anonymous donor.For further information, we are indebted to Vaughan Purvis who was not supposed to be in this festival at all.
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