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be dependent on/upon something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe dependent on/upon somethingbe dependent on/upon somethingDEPEND/IT DEPENDSto be directly affected or decided by something else Your pay is dependent on how much you produce. dependent
Examples from the Corpus
be dependent on/upon somethingWhat she doesn t see is that her small-business world is dependent on a bigger economic system.Your success is dependent on how hard you work.By no means all priests were dependent on income from the Church.Women are said to have been created as equal to men yet are functionally to be dependent on men.The activity of duodenitis was dependent on the neutrophilic infiltration.The actor is dependent on the stimulus of other faces and voices.Rice cultivation, which is dependent on the vagaries of weather and on complex systems of irrigation, requires cooperative labor.For instance, some foodstuffs manufacturers are dependent on their supplies of edible oils.The benefits that consumers will enjoy are dependent on unbridled competition within the industry; government intervention will only hinder its evolution.
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