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be devoid of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe devoid of somethingbe devoid of something formalNOT HAVEto be completely lacking in something His face was devoid of any warmth or humour. devoid
Examples from the Corpus
be devoid of somethingThey were like set pieces in their ongoing battle that these days was devoid of any real malice.The machine itself is devoid of fancy trimmings, apart from the big, fat power-on button.I admire and envy it because I am devoid of it.It was devoid of paint and dragged on its hinges.She had always known she was devoid of passion: she worked at her garden and talked to her friends.In fact, her bulging disc reminded her regularly that her life was devoid of passions.The food was completely devoid of taste.For one thing it is devoid of the relentless lilt and terminological tedium of the professional programme writer.She walked round the pond to the sunny side where the water's surface was devoid of weed.
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