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be disposed to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe disposed to somethingbe disposed to something formalOFTENto have a tendency towards something syn inclined a man disposed to depression disposed
Examples from the Corpus
be disposed to somethingAlready the local people were disposed to make over various small sums for the use of the Schoolmaster.He is disposed to criminality, drugs, and violence.Lord Beresford was disposed to chat about the forthcoming cricket season, but was briskly recalled to his duties.No one except me, and least of all the President, was disposed to interfere with that.Practically speaking, we ritually verify what is there, and are disposed to call it reality.The cots were disposed to form a long seat along one side of the coach, the remaining floor space being clear.The former are disposed to combine in order to raise, the latter in order to lower the price of labour.We know that most children are disposed to comply.
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