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be distributed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe distributedbe distributedto exist in different parts of an area or groupbe widely/evenly distributed This species of dolphin is widely distributed throughout the world. The population is distributed in a very uneven pattern. distribute
Examples from the Corpus
be widely/evenly distributedThe benefits of local economic development are alleged to be widely distributed.The dough should be elastic, soft, tacky, but not sticky and the seeds should be evenly distributed.If women were evenly distributed across the spectrum of employment, their pay levels would be much closer to those of men.Your weight should be evenly distributed between both legs.The twenty slides are evenly distributed by gender, with a good mix of age and race.His articles, printed in the New York and Boston press, were widely distributed in pamphlet form.It is widely distributed in space among different individuals, and widely distributed in time over many generations.These are widely distributed within the region.
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