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be done for

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe done forbe done forinformalSERIOUS SITUATION to be in serious trouble or likely to fail If we get caught, we’re done for. done
Examples from the Corpus
be done forIf we get caught we're done for.It seemed to her that if she thought about pulling out even for a minute, she would be done for.If this is done for all five possibilities, the result is a series of points as shown in Figure 4-I.Sometimes this means taking a very definite stand on certain issues, but it has to be done for both your sakes.What can be done for it?All his surviving work was done for religious houses in the south-west.Anything that is done for shock value has no future because it's done for the moment.Also in the intertidal zones, animals find that much of their work is done for them.
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