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be down on somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe down on somebody/somethingbe down on somebody/somethinginformalAGAINST/OPPOSE to have a severe attitude towards someone or something, especially when this is unfair Why is Mark so down on her at the moment? down
Examples from the Corpus
be down on somebody/somethingCopper producers were down on a drop in copper prices.At the half-year stage profits are expected to be down on last year - around £35m against £39m.It wasn't that money was being stolen or sneaked - everything was down on paper.Constable Collins liked shrimp and often bought a tub of them when he was down on the Front.Ten minutes later I was down on the private beach.He was down on the shore, a shadow edged with silver light, combing the tide line.Families that were down on their luck could get a small loan, food, a job referral.
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