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be down on your luck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe down on your luckbe down on your luckPOORto have no money because you have had a lot of bad luck over a long period of time When someone is down on their luck, friends are very difficult to find. luck
Examples from the Corpus
be down on your luckIn the film, Williams plays a down-on-his luck salesman whose wife has left him.We bought the necklace from an old man who was down on his luck and in need of a penny or two.He was down on his luck and not a happy hedgehog.All were down on their luck, all had been drinking and all had decided on an easy way out.Families that were down on their luck could get a small loan, food, a job referral.Here, parents who are down on their luck can pick out toys for their children.The program is for motivated people who are temporarily down on their luck.
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