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be drawn

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe drawnbe drawn[usually in negatives]PERSUADE to give information in reply to questions about something She refused to be drawn on the subject. draw
Examples from the Corpus
be drawnLights were on in all the rooms facing the front and the curtains were drawn.The truth of course is that it is both and no line can be drawn.The first correct entry to be drawn at random will be notified by phone and the Guitarist carrier pigeon will do the rest.Thereafter a comparison is drawn between informal settlements and the Elandskloof case.The more the continents are exposed to weathering, the more carbon dioxide is drawn down from the atmosphere.Charles's distant cousin John Carroll was drawn only once from the religious into the civil sphere during the war.I was drawn to the spectacular view.An analogy can be drawn with the notion of mutations in genetics.
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