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be entwined (with something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe entwined (with something)be entwined (with something)CONNECTED WITHto be closely connected with something in a complicated way Our views of leadership are entwined with ideas of heroism. entwine
Examples from the Corpus
be entwined (with something)A thin waxy slip of poison ivy was entwined around one of the legs.Carnegie Hall is entwined completely with the artistic growth of this country.Did Simpson tell them why his hairs were entwined in the knit cap that lay by the bodies?The pale woman, bosom exposed, is entwined with a dark man wearing a sullen expression and a skull cap.It was raven black and the hair was entwined with a slim rope of gold thread and opals.Just as concepts are entwined with perception, so too theory is entwined with experiment.Great memories are entwined with this recipe.
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