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be equal to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe equal to somethingbe equal to somethingEQUAL a) to have the ability to deal with a problem, piece of work etc successfully syn be up to I’m not sure he’s equal to the task. Are you equal to this challenge? b) to be as good as something else The architecture here is equal to any in the world. equal
Examples from the Corpus
be equal to somethingA fiber mile is one strand of fiber measuring one mile long is equal to 12 fiber miles.I'm not sure he's equal to the job.The museum's collection is equal to any in Europe.Gilling's ability to teeter between fantasy and plausibility recalls Dickens.What he imagines is equal to anything Prospero might have conjured.In terms of value, roughly, that sum in the 1930s was equal to around £1500 in today's money.To make the young and pensioners pay for prescriptions is equal to having Claymore mines for us to step on.The fair futures prices is equal to the current spot price plus the cost of carry.The amount of the asset and liability is equal to the present value of the minimum future lease payments.A system is in chemical equilibrium when the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction.What I look like going around here talking about I want to be equal to you?
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