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be equalled (only) by something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe equalled (only) by somethingbe equalled (only) by somethingused to say that two things are as strong or as important as each other Her distaste for books was equalled only by her dislike of people. equal
Examples from the Corpus
be equalled (only) by somethingHolding's 28 wickets were equalled by Andy Roberts.Indeed, in many respects, Ireland was equalled only by Byzantium.She seemed in no hurry to have them come, for her patience was equalled by her confidence.She was a woman without vision or curiosity; her distaste for books was equalled only by her dislike of people.This amount is equalled by naturally forming sulphur that originates mainly from volcanoes and huge clusters of marine bacteria.The savagery which he showed towards his opponents was equalled only by that of the discipline that he imposed upon his supporters.The pleasures of driving our GTi are equalled only by the irritations.
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