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be everywhere

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe everywherebe everywhereCOMMONto be very common You must have seen the posters, they’re everywhere. everywhere
Examples from the Corpus
be everywhereImages of the dictator were everywhere.One of the first things you notice in Beijing are the bicycles - they're everywhere.Butlins is busy modernising itself, and the evidence of recent construction is everywhere.The agents of the House of Morrissey were everywhere.The constant mortaring and shelling of the area had dislodged a few of the corpses and the flies and mosquitoes were everywhere.The superficial evidence for the closeness of the race is everywhere.Kelly seemed to be everywhere and got the praise of all the commentators, as did Whelan.The demand for peace was everywhere apparent.Microchips seem to be everywhere -- even in washing machines.
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