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be expecting (a baby)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe expecting (a baby)be expecting (a baby)MBif a woman is expecting, she is going to have a baby expect
Examples from the Corpus
be expecting (a baby)They're expecting their first child September 5.Just as everyone was expecting a draw, however, Yusupov made a an unexpected sacrifice of a bishop.We are expecting a little action very soon.Having heard of his family's desire for an heir, she fantasised a little as to whether his wife might be expecting again.However, Perot supporters filed new petitions and are expecting an answer soon from the Ohio secretary of state.Did I really have it before I was expecting Annie?USAir, based in Arlington, Va., is expecting similar problems today.I was expecting them to go to three wide receivers..One in five had received no training in the Act and most were expecting to receive none during the next six months.
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