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be far removed from something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe far removed from somethingbe far removed from somethingDIFFERENTto be very different from something The events in the newspaper article were far removed from reality. remove
Examples from the Corpus
be far removed from somethingThe passenger was far removed from an anonymous piece of card, and the parachutes correspondingly larger to slow the descent speed.The world of TV sitcoms is far removed from reality.Gironella is far removed from such light humour.He was far removed from the centralism embodied by his predecessors Ernest Bevin and Arthur Deakin.However, the content is far removed from the children's lives.The decisionmaking process which propels these large projects is far removed from the intended beneficiaries.The actual policy response to the C D P analysis was far removed from the radical prescriptions of the activists.Action was being undertaken, but it was far removed from the radical surgery that seemed to be needed.This will involve trade union negotiations in areas that may be far removed from their traditional expertise.
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