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be/feel bound to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/feel bound to do somethingbe/feel bound to do somethingto feel that you ought to do something, because it is morally right or your duty to do it Ian felt bound to tell Joanna the truth. Well, I’m bound to say (=I feel I ought to say), I think you’re taking a huge risk.be duty bound/honour bound to do something A son is duty bound to look after his mother. bound
Examples from the Corpus
bound to sayAs we are bound to say in order to secure our continued employment, now for something completely different.They're bound to say something, even if it's just Hello.But I am bound to say that I have some doubts.However, I am bound to say that in my judgment Exparte Handscomb was wrongly decided on that issue.I am bound to say that that does not seem to be the policy of the Opposition.I am bound to say that the stars were the more serious and quiet portion of the gathering.
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