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be/feel called to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/feel called to do somethingbe/feel called to do somethingRELIGIONto feel strongly that you should do something He felt called to write to all his fellow investors, warning them of the impending crisis. call
Examples from the Corpus
be/feel called to do somethingWe are praying that very ordinary people will be called to a very special task.Responsibility refers to the liability of a person to be called to account for his/her actions and results.How many more outrageous examples of excess in political fund raising and spending do they need to be called to action?But the most controversial is expected to be called to the witness stand.Paul and his helpers were called to be missionaries for Jesus Christ.The general meeting of the shareholders of the target company may be called to decide upon defence measures.Sandy felt called to do missionary work.He said that the police would be called to investigate Dempsey and he would be out of a job.Father really felt he was called to preach by God.Why, then, should lawyers be called to task for protecting the rights of the accused under the Constitution?Back then, people believed they were called to the ministry.Managers who live in the hotel usually have regular work schedules, but they may be called to work at any time.
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