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be/feel honoured (to do something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/feel honoured (to do something)be/feel honoured (to do something)PROUDto feel very proud and pleased I felt very honoured to be included in the team. honour
Examples from the Corpus
be/feel honoured (to do something)Going down now to a place where his certainties would finally be honoured.He, too. is convinced that a contract signed has to be honoured.In such cases the courts have said that the promise must be honoured.It should be remembered, and she should be honoured for it.But, of course, writing something into a constitution does not necessarily mean that it will be honoured in practice.Existing hardware support and service agreements will be honoured, it says.Individual boatmen should also be honoured through clubs nominating skippers for their ability to find fish and their helpfulness towards anglers.He doubted if his hatred of Dysart could even be honoured with the description of revenge.
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