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be/feel/look/get cold

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/feel/look/get coldbe/feel/look/get coldCOLDif you are cold, your body is at a low temperature Could you turn up the heater, I’m cold. I feel so cold! My feet are as cold as ice (=very cold). cold
Examples from the Corpus
be/feel/look/get coldAren't you cold?Come inside before you get cold.She was afraid his skin would be cold.Since we were making plans to camp at Mammoth, we expected it to be cold.But no, he decided, the boss was getting colder and colder and his voice quieter.She felt cold and sick and wished she could crawl away and lie down.My chips will be cold by now.Unfortunately he, the lover, had got cold feet at the last minute.It was getting cold in the room.He was getting cold, too.
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