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be/feel sorry for somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/feel sorry for somebodybe/feel sorry for somebodySYMPATHIZEto feel pity or sympathy for someone because something bad has happened to them or because they are in a bad situation I’ve got no sympathy for him, but I feel sorry for his wife. Tina was sorry for her. She seemed so lonely.feel sorry for yourself (=feel unhappy and pity yourself) It’s no good feeling sorry for yourself. It’s all your own fault. sorry
Examples from the Corpus
feel sorry for yourselfAndy was drinking too much again, and feeling sorry for himself.Stop blaming other people and feeling sorry for yourself.All the same, I had sore feet and was feeling sorry for myself.All those people dead and there we were, busy doing nothing except feeling sorry for ourselves.At that moment in their lives the Childerses could have felt sorry for themselves.Emily shook back a stray curl of hair and held herself upright, she must stop feeling sorry for herself.Your problem is that every time a relationship goes bad, you feel sorry for yourself and become more of a loner.The cold shops with their sad gas-lamps were full of Christmas shoppers feeling sorry for themselves, and shoplifters having a field-day.Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself, she decided to learn to cook.He feels sorry for himself, torn between two jealousies.
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