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be/feel trapped

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/feel trappedbe/feel trappedESCAPEto be in a bad situation from which you cannot escapebe/feel trapped in Julia felt trapped in her role of wife and mother. trap
Examples from the Corpus
be/feel trappedIf they delayed any longer they'd be trapped.Many employees in bureaucratic governments feel trapped.Someday he will probably be trapped.She wanted to be gone, away from this turmoil of passion, and yet she felt trapped by a sensuality undreamed of.At 31, Peggy feels trapped in a boring job.They would be trapped in sun and light enough crossing the great unwinking glare and oven breath on their journey home.It means you could be trapped in the flat if fire breaks out.Without it, I fear, I could be trapped in Tuzla.I felt trapped inside this person that was taking up more and more room.
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