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be few and far between

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe few and far betweenbe few and far betweento be rare Jobs are few and far between at the moment. few
Examples from the Corpus
be few and far betweenGood jobs are few and far between these days.Shop said that all its stores were open but that customers were few and far between.The instances of this happening are few and far between.The schools are crowded, and good teachers are few and far between.Toys were few and far between, but the children invented games and played together.But for all this effort, meaningful accomplishments are few and far between.Deaf postgraduates, who are few and far between, have little chance of taking a higher degree.Facilities like the recently opened Russell Cairns Unit in Oxford are few and far between.Opportunities for young parents to socialize with each other are few and far between these days.Rough edges are few and far between.Sanatorium beds were few and far between, and often had to be obtained through influence.
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