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be fitted with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe fitted with somethingbe fitted with somethingPUTto have or include something as a permanent part Is your car fitted with an alarm? fitted
Examples from the Corpus
be fitted with somethingBefore leaving the hospital Thursday, he was fitted with a portable brain-wave monitor that he was to wear for 24-48 hours.But how many diesel cars are fitted with catalysts?And you must notice in this new first smoker the seats and backs are fitted with embossed crimson leather.Most myopic children can be fitted with glasses with concave lenses which will bring their vision to normal.All the ground floor windows were fitted with iron bars, a sufficient deterrent for the average break-and-enter boys.Doors will now have to be fitted with special safety devices to prevent people or objects getting trapped in them.This point means that where a motor vehicle is required to be fitted with wipers it must also have washers.
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