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be flooded with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe flooded with somethingbe flooded with somethingGETto receive so many letters, complaints, or inquiries that you cannot deal with them all easily We’ve been flooded with offers of help. flood
Examples from the Corpus
be flooded with somethingThe room was flooded with a soft illumination, cleverly directed at the Gobelin tapestries that lined one wall.Our switchboard was flooded with calls and thousands bombarded our appeal hotline to pledge donations.I was flooded with calls just from those few advertisements.Cleveland trading standards officers were flooded with complaints about the double glazing firm in February.Following a hard workout, one runner was flooded with images of breaking capillaries.The Salvator Mundi hospital was flooded with letters and telegrams.The terraces were flooded with water, reflecting light and colour from the sky.
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