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be for the best

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe for the bestbe for the bestGOOD ENOUGH especially spoken used to say that a particular event may seem bad now, but might have a good result later I still don’t want him to go, but maybe it’s for the best. best
Examples from the Corpus
be for the bestEven though I lost my job, I knew it was for the best. It gave me the chance to start again.After all, it may be for the best.Anything that spurs creativity behind the bar must be for the best.He can smell nothing, which is for the best.I decided to decide that it was for the best.It may well be for the best.Maybe it is for the best.No one has been so heartless as to suggest we skip the picnic, but it is for the best.Still, perhaps it was for the best.
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