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be foreign to somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe foreign to somebodybe foreign to somebodyformal a) STRANGEto seem strange to someone as the result of not being known or understood syn be alien to somebody The language of finance is quite foreign to me. b) TYPICALto be not typical of someone’s usual character Aggression is completely foreign to his nature. foreign
Examples from the Corpus
be foreign to somebodyNothing in dance is foreign to human experience.I knew the tune, but the words were foreign to me.That is foreign to our culture.What was being done was foreign to our other 10 players and it took them a while.Andrew's reserved, night-club hesitation was foreign to the music, and quite foreign to Nicandra.Starving people have frequently refused to eat food that is foreign to them, and horses will behave in the same way.Law firm were law firms, and areas such as marketing and finance were foreign to them.
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