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be founded on/upon something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe founded on/upon somethingbe founded on/upon somethinga) COME FROM/ORIGINATEto be the main idea, belief etc that something else develops from syn be based on something The British parliamentary system is founded on debate and opposition b) TBCto be the solid layer of cement, stones etc that a building is built on The castle is founded on solid rock. found
Examples from the Corpus
be founded on/upon somethingThe original Stoves company was founded on 14 February 1920.During these years race became the cultural flashpoint, and most political careers were founded on a rhetoric of purity and exclusion.You could say it was founded on chili.The economy of the vale was founded on livestock.While Aristotle's scheme is founded on normative grounds, Finer's scheme is derived empirically.After all, they are founded on previous experience.Racism is not founded on rational thought, but on fear.The Soviet Union was originally founded on Socialism.The castle is founded on solid rock.In a functional sense, spillover was founded on the belief that contemporary economies were based upon a tangle of interrelated sectors.All grandeur, all power, all discipline are founded on the soldier.
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