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be frozen (stiff)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe frozen (stiff)be frozen (stiff)spokenCOLD to feel very cold You must be frozen! Come and sit by the fire. frozen
Examples from the Corpus
be frozen (stiff)The extra pancakes may be frozen.Assets abroad were frozen by the U. N. These events set into motion the erasure of the middle class.The cooked meat can be frozen for one month.Bacon should be kept refrigerated and although it can be frozen, freezing is not recommended because the product loses quality.By the time she turned around, Paula Engado was frozen in space like a china figurine.The lake is frozen solid, but its shape is clearly drawn, absolutely flat in the undulating landscape.A blue sponge of Holy Water in its receptacle just inside the door was frozen solid.It's been predicted that the number of places on courses is likely to be frozen this year.
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