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be geared to somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe geared to somebody/somethingbe geared to somebody/somethingSUITABLEto be organized in a way that is suitable for a particular purpose or situation The typical career pattern was geared to men whose wives didn’t work.be geared to do something The course curriculum is geared to span three years. gear
Examples from the Corpus
be geared to somebody/somethingThe new air fares are geared to business travelers.Charles's body language was geared to communicating to street toughs.Everything we do is geared to a belief.Everything would be geared to quite ruthless war operations.Is it simply that our screening procedures, which are geared to human need, overlook their actual role?Much of this is possible because the curriculum is geared to the developmental needs of children.One problem remains, however - how do you find training that is geared to the needs of the individuals?The nature of the assessment should be geared to the purpose of the writing.
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