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be/get carried away

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/get carried awaybe/get carried awayEXCITEDto be so excited, angry, interested etc that you are no longer really in control of what you do or say, or you forget everything else It’s easy to get carried away when you can do so much with the graphics software. carry
Examples from the Corpus
be/get carried awayHe sometimes would get carried away and invite more than his allotted guests, which generated some irritation among members.I get carried away, but I must learn now it's the big league.But are we allowing ourselves to be carried away by false vanity?The problem.solver gets carried away by the interest of the idea.He must not get carried away in this place, he thought.So when we listen to music we should allow ourselves to be carried away into the musical paradise.It certainly seemed as if their brains got carried away when one type of receptive field was activated.Lets not get carried away with thoughts of another 18 years in the wilderness.
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