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be/get involved

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/get involvedbe/get involvedTAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDto take part in an activity or event, or be connected with it in some waybe/get involved in More than 30 software firms were involved in the project. I don’t want to get involved in some lengthy argument about who is to blame. I’m afraid your son’s been involved in an accident (=he is one of the people in an accident).be/get involved with Landel has been involved with the Hercules project for years.actively/deeply/heavily involved (=involved very much) Mrs. Cummings has been actively involved with the church for years.GRAMMAR: Prepositions with involvedSomeone is involved in something: He is involved in the family business.Don’t get involved in their problems. Don’t say: involved into somethingSomeone is involved with a project, person, or group: She got involved with the youth club. involved
Examples from the Corpus
actively/deeply/heavily involvedHe was heavily involved in charities before; now the load is greater.The better the school, the more deeply involved in extra-curricular activities are both pupils and staff.He is president of three technical societies and is deeply involved in inner-city problems.This kind of treatment is always dynamic, never passive, and the patient is totally actively involved in it.Instead of standing idly by or opposing change, the union should become actively involved in making change happen.About 200 academic members of staff work within the Faculty and are actively involved in teaching and research.The multinationals that stand to benefit were deeply involved in the negotiations to establish Gats.The president became deeply involved not only in squeezing donors but also in making the ads their money paid for.
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