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be glad of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe glad of somethingbe glad of somethingTHANKto be grateful for something Thanks Marge, I’ll be glad of the help.be glad of an opportunity/chance/excuse to do something They were glad of the chance to finally get some sleep. It was cold outside, and she was glad of her coat. glad
Examples from the Corpus
be glad of somethingHank came in and did a lot of recordings, which I was glad of because it gave me some relief.But as Michele had prophesied, it was already getting cooler, and Luce was glad of her light coat.Holmes came with rather bad grace, but I was glad of his presence.It was a bit embarrassing but Anne was glad of it.The hot teams of the 1970s attracted a few hundred fans and were glad of it.Sergeant Crane and I would be glad of tea.The weather's been great, and I'm glad of that.Robbie was glad of their shade, for today must be the hottest of the summer.
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