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be glad to (do something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe glad to (do something)be glad to (do something)WILLINGto be very willing and eager to do something We will be glad to send you any information you may need. I’m sure he’d be only too glad to (=extremely willing to) help you. ‘Would you give me a hand?’ ‘I’d be glad to.’ glad
Examples from the Corpus
be glad to (do something)She was glad to be free of her past, and like it or not, Miguel was part of that.Still, most of us were glad to be relieved of responsibility for our failing learners for a few months.For a dwindling congregation to be glad to become part of an implanted group in their own building is even rarer.My contract runs for a year, and I shall be glad to get away.But he was glad to have them because they too seemed to offer some assurance that Amy would stay.Hon. Members will be glad to hear him speak again.I was glad to throw mine away.Agitated by these disclosures, Esther is glad to walk out along the river with Felix Holt.
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