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be/go down with something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/go down with somethingbe/go down with somethingMIto have a particular illness Jane’s gone down with flu. down
Examples from the Corpus
be/go down with somethingThere was a sudden space when the man at Riven's shoulder went down with a cry.I was having a really hard time and I went down with Isabel and my dad.Mr Black paid them off on all the equipment which went down with it, but which I know was not destroyed.I went down with nothing but a. 45-caliber pistol and a flashlight.Outside linebacker Mike Morton, making his first start since Rob Fredrickson went down with season-ending shoulder surgery, had eight tackles.Looking back, it seemed inevitable that Evelyn would go down with some sort of psychological trouble.These kids are 13,14, and they wan na be down with somethin'.Who knows what went down with them?
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