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be going

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe goingbe goinginformalAVAILABLE to be available Are there any jobs going at the café? I’ll take that if it’s going spare. go
Examples from the Corpus
be goingIs there any more wine going?The clock stopped during the night, but it's going again now.The washing machine's going, I can hear it.There aren't many jobs going in this part of the country.Although he says he supports creation of such sanctuaries, Pavin insists that authorities are going about it all wrong.The Category Romance offers consistency; the readers basically know what they are going to get before they open the book.His sister Wil was going to Haarlem, and then to Amsterdam.It is too hushed, something improper is going to happen.Nothing was going to spoil a divine day for a Saturday hike.Who was going to stop and talk to a young girl like me?He was eighteen years old, and he was going to the Royal Academy in London to learn to be an artist.