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be going places

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe going placesbe going placesinformalSUCCESSFUL to start becoming successful in your life William is a young man who is definitely going places. place
Examples from the Corpus
be going placesAt only twenty-four, Ailey was going places - he was in a Broadway show.This woman, whose last performance was an extended run as a bartender, is going places.Jonathon Morris, you will have gathered, is going places - and no one could be happier than the man himself.Alvin was part of it all now. Only 24, and he was going places.Only twenty-four, he was going places.I was really excited, believing that I was going places.I was going places, thinking and doing things I would never dream of in city civvies.Their Maria was going places, so he might as well keep her company.A test drive should convince you that Mazda are going places.This company is clearly one that is going places.
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