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be going to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe going to do somethingbe going to do somethinga) WILLto intend to do something I’m going to tell Dad what you said. b) WILLused to talk about what will happen in the future He looked as if he was going to cry. It’s going to rain later. gonna go
Examples from the Corpus
be going to do somethingI'm going to go to the hospital tomorrow.It looks like it's going to rain.Nancy's going to meet us at the airport.We are going to analyse responses to people and ideas.Once you have decided where the mounting pillars are going to be inserted you are nearly done.You know Ringwald is going to be trouble for McGaw from the moment they meet at a party.If the bad news is all that you can see, then change is going to be your enemy.The committee is going to have several meetings to get student input.Furthermore, if the views are going to last, they will probably end up in a White Paper.Ruth and Al are going to move to Seattle.I was going to sit with a big book of wallpaper in my lap while she and Adler looked over my shoulder.There were clear expectations that he was going to step in.We were going to visit my aunt and uncle who have lived there for the past five years.
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