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be gone

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe gonebe gonea) to be no longer in a particular place The door slammed and he was gone. I turned round for my bag and it was gone. b) to be dead or to no longer exist His wife’s been gone for several years. Many of the old houses are gone now. dead and gone at dead1 gone
Examples from the Corpus
be goneLook at Michelle - she's totally gone!Even the corrals had weeds in them, because the horses were gone.He did something unusual, but after 15 minutes he was gone.One day, though, all this will be gone.One more such blow, I thought, face down in the sand, and I am gone.Ten minutes later Glover felt sure it would be all right if he looked to see if the chief was gone.The next year they are gone.Mrs Doran was gone, Elsie was dead.Then there is a wail from ahead, a roar and a burst of light; the face is gone for ever.
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