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be good/bad news for somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe good/bad news for somebodybe good/bad news for somebodyBETTERWORSEif the facts about something are good or bad news for someone, they are likely to make life better or worse for them There is no legal market for African ivory, which is good news for the elephants. news
Examples from the Corpus
be good/bad news for somebodyAlthough the licensing agreement is good news for Apple, some wonder whether it is too little, too late.Growing demand for such equipment is good news for the helicopter's distributors McAlpine based at Kidlington in Oxfordshire.Paperwork for files has been reduced and the threshold for compliance raised; both changes are good news for filers.As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, and that may be good news for President Clinton.This theft can only be bad news for the preservation movement.The latest financial results are good news for a company that has struggled for years.This is good news for the hotelier who is prepared.House prices are very low, which is good news for first-time buyers.Gordon Brown also promised Labour would be good news for big employers ... like the nearby Rover plant in Cowley.
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