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be happy to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe happy to do somethingbe happy to do somethingWILLINGto be very willing to do something, especially to help someone Our team will be happy to help. I’d be happy to take you in my car. happy
Examples from the Corpus
be happy to do somethingInternational Chapters offers flexible accommodation arrangements and will be happy to advise on alternative travel plans.I'd be happy to cook if you want me to.They are happy to do so because the rent is fair.The employer may be happy to find another applicant who wants the other half.Management was happy to get a proven sniper on the left side, something the club had lacked for eons.She was a bad dancer and he would be happy to improve this lack and ignorance.Mr. Forsyth I should be happy to look into that correspondence and to consider the hon. Gentleman's point.I am happy to say that the change brought immediate results.
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