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be hard on somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe hard on somebodybe hard on somebodya) to criticize someone in a way that is unfair, or to be too strict with them Perhaps I’m too hard on her. b) to have a bad effect on someone Divorce can be very hard on children. hard
Examples from the Corpus
be hard on somebodyHe was hard on David but David certainly was talented.Carolyn Staley knew that day last week had to be hard on her old friend, Bill Clinton.This life was harder on her than on anyone else.You're harder on Donald than you are on Monica.It's going to be hard on the kids if you move away.As usual, this hypocrisy was hardest on the poor.Normally disasters are hardest on the poor.Most successful entrepreneurs are hard on themselves, in the sense that they are never easily satisfied.It really is something, though he is hard on you and he is difficult.You always let people know it was hard on you that Dad taught school.
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