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be heading

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe headingbe heading (also be headed) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if you are heading for a particular situation, especially a bad one, it seems likely to happenbe heading for Forecasters predict the region’s economy is heading for disaster. Where is your life heading? head
Examples from the Corpus
head forI'm worried about Molly. She looks as if she's heading for a nervous breakdown.There are fears that the company could be heading for closure, following a bad year.Anyone who simply returns to the same repetitive activity is heading for further trouble - especially if their technique is at fault.On top of that, you are heading for new destinations without ever having to pack or unpack.He turned down a street leading to the coast road, and Ruth knew he was heading for Starr Hills.They were heading for the bullseye to begin with, but then the target started to accelerate it speeded up.These guys are heading for the Motorway.Ironically, the Iron Arrow participants were heading for the offices of Professor Heckerling, whom they planned to induct that day.The buzzard was heading for the updraft above the Edge, and nothing was going to deter it.Podesta, according to sources, had seen earlier that the pardon process was heading for trouble.
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