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be holed

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe holedbe holedHOLEif a ship is holed, something makes a hole in it hole
Examples from the Corpus
be holedIn spite of this, no planes were lost to antiaircraft fire, although nearly half of them were holed.Passengers were evacuated after the QE2 was holed.The roof itself was holed in places, and melting snow dripped to the floor and spread in muddy puddles.The hull was holed in several places and the vessel was awash.One boat was holed three times and despite baling had taken in a foot of water when beached.Under the protection of the militia, the Metropolitans raided the basement shebeen where Dunne was holed up.Viewers are invited to fax in with their guesses about where Gaiman is holed up.
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