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be in a bad mood

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in a bad moodbe in a bad mood (also be in a bad temper British English)BAD-TEMPERED to feel annoyed or angry The boss is in a bad mood. bad
Examples from the Corpus
be in a bad moodI had to wait two hours for the train, which really put me in a bad mood.Maybe he was in a bad mood.Sister Isabel is in a bad mood.He seems to be in a bad mood about something.The feeling of contentment produced by gin-and-water had now disappeared, and the beadle was in a bad mood once more.Nubenehem was in a bad mood, reaching for her liquor jar and belching.Why were you in such a bad mood this morning?Ignore her, she is in a bad mood today.But I was in a bad mood with myself.
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