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be in a bad way

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in a bad waybe in a bad wayinformalSERIOUS SITUATION to be very ill, unhappy, or injured, or not in a good condition She was in a bad way after the funeral. bad
Examples from the Corpus
be in a bad wayYou'd better get an ambulance - she's in a pretty bad way.Sometimes aircraft returning across the Channel are in a bad way.She was in a bad way and I hated doing it, but I had to.The solo climber was in a bad way, and they invited him to rope up with them.I was in a bad way at that time, I felt really depressed, so I went round causing criminal damage.Martin came back from Africa with malaria, and he was in a pretty bad way for months.Effie here is in a bad way for several reasons.Duncan saw that he was in a bad way, his face grey and wan.He could see that Longhi, the lowest on the rope, was in a bad way; his hands kept slipping.Some are in a bad way so we share what we have.
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