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(be) in a fix

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(be) in a fix(be) in a fixto have a problem that is difficult to solve syn (be) in a mess We’re going to be in a real fix if we miss that bus. That’s put us in a fix. fix
Examples from the Corpus
(be) in a fixHer belief in the promised afterlife, in a fixed system of rewards and punishments, was great.She was having difficulty in fixing a chain to Dulcie's collar.The legislation placed two groups in a fix.She was involved, she said, in fixing up tours for VIPs and high-powered executives.In the Odyssey the constellations already have value for sailors in fixing localities and marking the time of night.Because of its weight, it was used almost exclusively as a defensive weapon in a fixed position.Topping believes Flexibots will have the kind of precision normally restricted to factory robots working in fixed, predictable environments.
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