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be in a mood

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in a moodbe in a moodBAD-TEMPEREDto feel unhappy, impatient, or angry and to refuse to speak normally to other people He’s been in a real mood all day. Don’t talk to her. She’s in one of her moods (=used about someone who is often unhappy, angry etc). mood
Examples from the Corpus
be in a moodShe knew that Brian was in a mood this morning.If only Grace were in a mood slightly more in tune with her own.She's been in a mood all day.Virginia liked to watch them when they were in a mood that required that they be handled with extreme care.It looked safe enough, and neither of us was in a mood to test it.Neither of us was in a mood to dicker.When he got home that evening he could smell that Val was in a mood.If you are in a mood to be frightened by what is beyond the curtains, Marcus's selection does the job.
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