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be (in) a shambles

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe (in) a shamblesbe (in) a shamblesinformal a) if something is a shambles, it is very disorganized and there is a lot of confusion The meeting was a shambles from start to finish. The economy is in a complete shambles. b) if a place is a shambles, it is very untidy syn mess My house is in an absolute shambles. shambles
Examples from the Corpus
be (in) a shamblesThe apartment was in shambles and the kids in a frenzy.But the room, the target of a 1968 arson, was in a shambles.By October 1952, when we left Pusan, the corrupt Rhee government was in shambles.It was a shambles last year.Much around Lilly is in shambles.The scrums, in particular, were a shambles, with Haslemere being driven off their own ball.It is all out of order because the preliminaries are a shambles.Instead, his side were a shambles again, a disgrace.
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