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be in doubt

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe in doubtbe in doubtUNCERTAINif something is in doubt, it may not happen, continue, exist, or be true The future of the peace talks is in doubt. doubt
Examples from the Corpus
be in doubtThe building's future remained in doubt until the government agreed to restore it.The outcome of the case never seemed in doubt.As wide an interpretation as possible should always be used in any case where the application of the Agreement is in doubt.Cadfael watched him and was in doubt.After yet another injury, his football career is in doubt.In the crisis social welfare concerns were made superfluous, as even the preservation of employment was in doubt.Unfortunately, I was in doubt a lot and wound up with a virtual school of commas swimming through my sentences.After the first success, that could never be in doubt.But no-one was in doubt that the real winner was disabled sport.Prospects for progress in the peace talks are very much in doubt.The registry of the vessel was in doubt yesterday.What is in doubt is the basis of the design philosophy.
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